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Latest BasketballMarket Transfers News  
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4:03 PM CET 5/27/2010    Neven Spahija has left Valencia BC - [HR, ES] -  Read full story
4:02 PM CET 5/27/2010    Kosta Perović (Valencia BC) leaves Valencia BC? - [CS, ES] -  Read full story
4:29 PM CET 11/6/2009    Thomas Kelati has signed for Valencia BC - [US, ES] -  Read full story
5:04 PM CET 10/16/2009    Ermal Kurtoğlu (Valencia BC) joins Efes Pilsen S.K. - [TR, ES] -  Read full story
5:26 PM CET 7/15/2009    Vule Avdalović (Valencia BC) has signed for CB Lucentum Alicante - [CS, ES] -  Read full story
3:39 PM CET 7/8/2009    Ante Tomić (KK Zagreb) wanted by Valencia BC - [HR, ES] -  Read full story
11:08 AM CET 2/25/2009    Kenny Gregory (PAOK Thessaloniki B.C.) in Valencia BC - [US, GR, ES] -  Read full story
5:45 PM CET 2/17/2009    Valencia BC interested in Giannis Kalambokis - [ES, GR] -  Read full story
5:44 PM CET 2/17/2009    Ruben Douglas (Valencia BC) has signed for Pallacanestro Virtus Roma - [US, ES, IT] -  Read full story
12:22 PM CET 12/1/2008    Matthew Nielsen (BC Lietuvos Rytas) joins Valencia BC - [AU, LT, ES] -  Read full story
3:04 PM CET 11/7/2008    Neven Spahija becomes coach of Valencia BC - [HR, ES] -  Read full story
11:42 AM CET 11/5/2008    Fotis Katsikaris dismissed from Valencia BC - [GR, ES] -  Read full story
2:08 PM CET 7/17/2008    Lazaros Papadopoulos (Real Madrid Baloncesto) joins Valencia BC? - [GR, ES] -  Read full story
2:23 PM CET 7/9/2008    Rubén Garcés (Valencia BC) in Basket CAI Zaragoza - [PA, ES] -  Read full story
2:52 PM CET 6/25/2008    Valencia BC hires Rafa Martínez (Bàsquet Manresa) - [ES] -  Read full story
11:35 AM CET 5/27/2008    Ermal Kuqo (Efes Pilsen S.K.) signs with Valencia BC - [TR, ES] -  Read full story
12:42 PM CET 3/12/2008    Kosta Perović (Valencia BC) stays in Bakersfield Jam - [CS, ES, US] -  Read full story
1:21 PM CET 11/29/2007    Željko Rebrača (Valencia BC) leaves Valencia BC? - [CS, ES] -  Read full story
11:15 AM CET 10/15/2007    Mindaugas Timinskas (KK Šilutė) in Valencia BC? - [LT, ES] -  Read full story
4:57 PM CET 7/2/2007    Mindaugas Timinskas (Valencia BC) stays with Valencia BC - [LT, ES] -  Read full story
4:38 PM CET 6/26/2007    Víctor Luengo (Valencia BC) leaves Valencia BC - [ES] -  Read full story
2:04 PM CET 6/5/2007    Ruben Douglas (Valencia BC) extends with Valencia BC - [US, ES] -  Read full story
5:07 PM CET 5/31/2007    Justin Hamilton (Valencia BC) leaves Valencia BC - [US, ES] -  Read full story
11:22 AM CET 5/22/2007    Pedro Llompart (Valencia BC) will join Tenerife CB - [ES] -  Read full story
1:41 PM CET 5/16/2007    Pedro Llompart (Valencia BC) leaves Valencia BC - [ES] -  Read full story
11:00 AM CET 4/12/2007    Los Angeles Clippers terminated the contract with Željko Rebrača (Valencia BC) - [US, CS, ES] -  Read full story
3:13 PM CET 2/14/2007    Loukas Mavrokefalidis (Pallacanestro Virtus Roma) has signed for Valencia BC - [GR, IT, ES] -  Read full story
3:25 PM CET 2/7/2007    Valencia BC interested in Sandro Ničević (Le Mans Sarthe Basket) - [ES, HR, FR] -  Read full story
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